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Basic Traffic
    Volume                                                COST
   6,000      unique  visitors                                        $5                     PayPal            
   12,000    unique  visitors                                        $8                      PayPal            
   25,000    unique  visitors                                        $19                    PayPal            
   50,000    unique  visitors                                        $35                    PayPal            

Augmented Traffic
    Volume                                                  COST
  100,000        unique  visitors                                     $70                  PayPal           
  250,000        unique  visitors                                     $175                 PayPal          
  500,000        unique  visitors                                     $340                 PayPal           
  1,000,000     unique  visitors                                     $580                 PayPal          

Alexa Traffic
    Volume                                                    COST
  5,000           unique  visitors                                         $18                       PayPal         
  50,000         unique  visitors                                         $150                     PayPal         
  300,000       unique  visitors                                         $600                     PayPal         
  1,000,000    unique  visitors                                         $1,900                  PayPal